Michael Garcia
Michael Garcia
For Michael Garcia, being president of Catholic Youth Organization/Camp Howard’s board is merely a continuation of his son’s participation in its athletic programs.

Garcia began coaching basketball in CYO when his sons (Valley Catholic students) became interested in participating in athletics.

The coaching involvement led to an advisory position on CYO’s board three years ago, and eventually, Garcia, 53, was appointed board president.

The position, says Garcia, is mostly organizational, but as the president you have particular duties to fulfill.

“It’s like being on the board, I suppose,” said Garcia, who grew up in The Dalles. “It’s just a little more work. I’m happy to help.”

It’s work that he’s proud of, though. As a former financial industry professional for 20 years, and now owner of a web development and data services company, Garcia has been able to provide advice (along with his other fellow board members) that has led to investment strategies for CYO and foundations for scholarships.

There are all kinds of professionals on the board that offer their expertise as well, says Garcia, including lawyers, personnel professionals and more.

“We want the organization to survive far beyond us and our kids,” said Garcia. “Sister Krista has been very successful in growing the organization and we want to make sure that success continues. CYO is an organization that includes everyone, and I’m proud to be a part of it.”