Project Milk is having an influence on an orphanage in Peru that is sponsored by the Diocese of La Crosse, Wisconsin. Since 1984, Project Milk has been sending powdered milk for use at the orphanage and other nearby communities. In the last two years alone, the program has shipped more than 60,000 pounds of powdered milk to Peru.

Grassland Dairy has been teaming with the diocese for the past three years.

From its beginnings at the turn of the last century as a small, family business nestled in central Wisconsin, Grassland Dairy has grown into one of the largest butter producers in the world. That success is due in part to Grassland remaining a Catholic, family-run business -- now being led by third and fourth generations of the Wuethrich clan.

All of the milk brought into Grassland comes from more than 850 farms in about a 140-mile radius from the dairy.