NEW HAVEN, Conn. — Nearly eight in 10 Americans say they are “frustrated with the tone in politics today,” and nearly three-quarters say that campaigns have become more negative, a new poll shows.

Other poll results show:

• Two-thirds of Americans (66 percent) believe that candidates spend more time attacking their opponents than talking about the issues.

• By a nearly 20 point margin, Americans believe that campaigns are mostly uncivil and disrespectful (56 to 37 percent).

• Nearly two-thirds of Americans say that negative campaigning harms our political process a great deal or a significant amount (64 percent).

In another survey, a  majority of Catholics say they share the U.S. bishops’ concerns about the federal contraceptive mandate and other government restrictions on religious liberty.

The percentage of Catholics who say they are satisfied with the bishops’ leadership has increased sharply in the past 10 years.

Catholics who attend Mass more frequently are more likely to agree with bishops’ concerns on social issues, and those who attend less frequently show less support for their views on issues such as abortion and same-sex marriage.

The survey showed that 64 percent of Catholics have heard about the bishops’ objections to the Department of Health and Human Services’ contraceptive mandate. Twenty-two percent say they have heard a lot about it.