EASTON, Mass. — Holy Cross Father Wilfred "Willy" Raymond, who has led Family Theater Productions in Hollywood for nearly 14 years, has been named the new president of Holy Cross Family Ministries, which encompasses Family Theater Productions.

Father Raymond succeeds Holy Cross Father John Phalen, who has been at the helm of Holy Cross Family Ministries for 18 years. He will take on a new assignment in 2015 as his order's novice director in Peru. Father Raymond takes over for Father Phalen July 1.

No successor for Father Raymond at Family Theater Productions has yet been named.

Holy Cross Family Ministries, based in Massachusetts, includes not only includes Family Theater Productions but also Family Rosary, a prayer ministry in 17 countries, and the Father Peyton Family Institute, based in Peru, which provides educational resources to families.

The institute is named after Father Patrick Peyton, a Holy Cross priest who established Family Theater Productions, a radio and television ministry in the 1940s, as an offshoot of his Family Rosary Crusade. He coined the slogan "The family that prays together stays together. A world at prayer is a world at peace."

Father Phalen during his tenure enhanced the ministry's outreach to families by expanding Internet outreach, including "e-blasts" going to more than 1.5 million people last year. Significant outreach was also achieved through website visitors, app users, and those engaged through social media. Traditional forms of outreach remain on the forefront of the ministry's activities through face-to-face outreach to families with events and products.

He also opened Holy Cross Family Ministries.