Bishop Joseph Osei-Bonsu
Bishop Joseph Osei-Bonsu
ACCRA, Ghana — The president of the Ghana Catholic Bishops' Conference called on Ghanaians to show professionalism during the Dec. 7 general elections.

The president, Bishop Joseph Osei-Bonsu of Konongo-Mampong, said all Ghanaians have a stake in ensuring that the elections are peaceful.

"All Ghanaians, especially politicians, need to be reminded that politics, like religion, is devoted to the service of personal and social vocation of the same human being," he said. "All politics should thus promote the integral development of all citizens as one family."

His remarks were contained in a statement issued at the end of the bishops' November plenary meeting.

The statement urged political parties to discourage their supporters from engaging in voting multiple times and voting in the name of the deceased. It also urged candidates to educate their supporters on the dangers of cheating.

"The Electoral Commission is the only body mandated by law to declare the official winner of elections," it said. It urged candidates to accept election results, noting that "good losers are also peacemakers."

"Good losers also command respect. Losing parties become the minority in Parliament to serve as a check for government policies and performance through constructive criticism."