SEOUL, South Korea — Seoul Cardinal Andrew Yeom Soo-jung urged Catholics to imitate the Korean martyrs and "bravely put love into action."

In his Easter message, released April 18, the cardinal also prayed "for those suffering from pain either materially or spiritually, and also for our brothers split apart from us in North Korea; may abundant blessings be upon them."

"How can we follow the example of the martyrs?" the cardinal asked. "Pope Francis warned us that a heart occupied by the desire to possess is full of this desire to possess things, but empty of God. In the society where people place their security in the goods of this world, we Christians should continue to share and love. We bring to Heaven only that which we have shared with others; and security -- definitive security -- is in God."

The cardinal reminded people to work for peace "by embracing and understanding those who think differently from us."

He reminded people that the apostles were "ordinary people who were uneducated, timid and weak; they deserted their teacher and ran away when Jesus was arrested and persecuted." Yet after the resurrection, he said, when they received the Holy Spirit, "they gave testimony of the resurrection of Christ with all their hearts and with all their souls and with all their strength and with all their minds."

"Like what the Apostles and the Korean martyrs did, we should bravely put love into action," the cardinal said. "Let us pray to the Holy Spirit for such courage."