Holy Cross Father David Tyson, president of the University of Portland, conferred degrees on 160 commencement candidates Friday evening before a crowd of 900 people on the grassy lawns outside Franz Hall.

'My hope is you will consider and use your education in the broadest sense of that term and be involved in issues of life, death, peace and violence, in all their forms, and in their problem-solving,' said Father Tyson.

'My sincere hope is that the advance-level preparation that each of has received provides you not only with skills, with access to better jobs, and gosh knows, higher salaries in your professions, but most importantly, insight into your profession's impact on your communities and on our nation's policies,' he added.

'I would like to challenge you to be courageous agents of change, not just with loud voices, but with the expertise that you have gained here for issues such as health care reform, k-12 education, higher education reform.

'To all our degree recipients,' Father Tyson said, 'be advocates for all forms of education and especially higher education. Higher education is the cheapest long-term investment that we can make in our society.

'I have been privileged to passionately express this to our congressional delegation, each one of whom went through undergraduate and graduate education before they went to the Congress, and they did it on grants, and they did it on loans.'

Here is the list of University of Portland Summer 2000 degree recipients:

Master of Arts

Barbara Lee Chester

Jason Daniel Davis

Garrett Thomas Jellesma

Kevin Robert Toon

Master of Education

Darlene Heather Abraham

Roxanne Morley Anderson

Brandy Lynn Anderson-Phelps

Mary Jane Kastelic Andriuk

Louvie Patacsil Benitez-Taitano

Christina Marie Bird-Macaya

Kathleen Jane Brennan

Lisa Marie Caldwell

Felice Crisostomo Camacho

Sonya Natasha Cantrell Camacho

Barbara Anne Carroll

Anita Mohini Chetty

Catherine Jane Cochrane

Connie Louise Coop-Falotico

Sheila Ann Mantanona Crisostomo

Terese Ann Delgado Crisostomo

Erika Sotto Cruz

Barbara Anne Feider DeShirley

Jana Kay Drotzmann

Linda Margaret Edwards-Green

Amanda Gail Fiesinger

Arden May Francis

Gina M Garlie

Dixie Marie Gay Anderson

Christine Louise Goode

Mark Dale Graue

Denise Sharon Gunterman

Karen J Gurevitch

Jason Alan Hattrick

Josephine Gale Hollis

Vicki Ann Hopkins

Theresa C. Hotelling

Marybelle Celleros Iglesias

Kari Lynn Johnson

Richard Marshall Kalina

Angela Michelle Kinsel

Henry Marten Knitter

Joanne Marie Kutchyera

Melissa Ann-Follis Lake

Brent Gerald Leibel

Stephanie Marie Leitz

Joe Robert Litehiser

Liza Corazon Ogbac Llamas

Lynette C Loch

Jane Charlotte Magee

Frederica Agnes Sevilla Manosa

Gillian S Marshall

Marcia Quiniones Martir

James Michael Maxwell

Casey Dean McCarty

Sharon Anne McNiven

Louville Benitez Menin

Brenda Ann Miller

Doris Bonnin Miller

Rhonda Jeanne Morrison

Rosemarie Sevilla Nartia

Linda Michelle Nelson

Colleen Marquerite O'Connor

Troy David Oelschlager

Ann Marie Ortner

Colleen Louise Palkert

Neldie Reyes Pendon-Limtiaco

Janice Marie Pestana

Kim Christine Pfluke

Julia Anne Popwell

Carolyn Bingham Reverman

Leanne Marie Ries

Rowena Tropel Roa

Julie Belle Roalsen

Howard Ernest Robertson

John Wayne Roman

Cheryl Lynn Ross

Deborah Lynn Sughrue

Pattie Ann Swain

Erika Robin Thorsen

Allison Anne VanKoll

Andrea Dawn Webberley

Kelly Eugene Wheeldon

Cynthia Terlene White

Karen Elizabeth Wick

Todd William Winters

Joan Dalgarno Zaratian

Master of Arts in Teaching

Miriam Elizabeth Ambriz

Amanda Briggs Angaiak

Joanna Theresa Malandruccolo-Connolly

Master of Business


Tracie Ann Basile

Nevin Nianlan Chen

Hsiu-Wen Shirley Chu

Dana Chadsey Eaton

Stephen William Ellis

James Matthew Jones

Roberta Diane Lindahl

Michael Lawrence Little

Michael Lee Long

Edward Yenbon Mah

Donny Janson Manua

Jamey Lee Miller

Elizabeth A. Morris

Rafael Eduardo Ortega

George Sotiris Pappas

Laura Marie Pelster

Surin Phang

Thomas Anthony Saunders

Barbara Rose Szulczewski

Molly M Tisdell

Hua Wang

Master of Science

Marni A Allen

Audrey Marie Duke

Deann Jay Edgers

Nicole Camacho Reyes

Gillian Charlotte Rosicky

Laurie JoAnne Winther

Bachelor of Arts

Hiromi Aoyama

Paul Scott Bartels

Tracy Aspden Gibbons

Mayuko Koiso

Takaaki Maeda

April Christina Sneddon

Keiko Takashima

Bachelor of Science

Melanie Dawn Allison

Jud Charles Bordman

Megan Allison Denny

Joseph Wayne Gaspar

Jennifer Anne Hennes

Marjorie Elisa James

Jacquelyn Mendoza Madarang

Scott Duncan McGillivray

Bachelor Science in Nursing

Amy Michelle Goins

Bachelor of Business


Ahmed Abdulla Al-Mehairi

Ryan Justin Earl

Christine Lorraine Jantzer

Leona Ann (Hay) McDonald

Vincent Joseph Moore

Ryan Eugene Nelson

Timothy George Reilly

Erik A Seidler

Eric John Wibbels

Bachelor of Science in

Mechanical Engineering

Patrick O Hartley

David A Jensen

Bachelor of Science in

Electrical Engineering

Joseph Michael Tostenrude

Bachelor of Science in

Engineering Management

Mark Mickey McCallum