This week's issue includes a 16-page insert exploring jubilee pilgrimage sites in the Archdiocese of Portland.

For the Great Jubilee at the end of the millennium, church leaders are encouraging Catholics to make sacred journeys.

The treks reflect inner spiritual advances and common progress as a community of faith.

Some people will go to the Holy Land, others to Rome and other parts of Europe.

For those who cannot make the overseas trips, or even for those who do, Archbishop John Vlazny has designated eight sites in western Oregon. Full of spiritual significance and history, the churches and shrines will welcome thousands of believers in the next year.

The special issue also contains reflections on jubilee and the spiritual gifts that the Church has said will accompany pilgrimages in the coming year.

We urge you to keep this section, placing it in your glove compartment or your bicycle bag. Blessed travel.