Catholic Sentinel photo by Gerry Lewin
The archbishop leads prayer at Eucharist 2000, a jubilee celebration at Portland’s Memorial Coliseum.
Catholic Sentinel photo by Gerry Lewin
The archbishop leads prayer at Eucharist 2000, a jubilee celebration at Portland’s Memorial Coliseum.
“Before we can make other disciples, we must be true and faithful disciples ourselves.”
— January 1998

“When the state is establishing laws that govern the way we live together, those of us who participate in the democratic process must be heard. We would be woefully inadequate citizens, indeed, were we to remain silent. When you are intimidated by such a challenge, just remember the Holocaust and all its silent enablers.”
— March 1999

“A major goal in our parish communities at the beginning of this third millennium is to reach out to Catholics who live in our communities, but for their own reasons, do not partake in the life of the church. We must renew our own missionary spirit and invite them to join us. We cannot wait for them to come on their own.”
— July 2000

“Those of us who had lived through World War II came to understand very well the horrors of war and the tragedy of human hatred. Over the past 56 years, since the close of that armed conflict, we have tried to establish a lasting peace in the world but on Sept. 11, I didn’t feel we had really done our best.”
— September 2001

“I take this opportunity to renew my personal pledge to serve you faithfully and lovingly, to protect our children, to work toward healing and reconciliation for those who have been sexually abused by the clergy and to seize even this dark moment as a unique opportunity to build God’s kingdom here on earth.”
— July 2002

“Our faith challenges us to look at economic life in terms of its moral and human dimensions. The church’s evangelizing mission demands that we speak out forcefully for our fellow citizens about the importance of caring for the least among us.”
— Jan. 2003

“The union of husband and wife in the sacred bonds of matrimony is a gift to be cherished and protected always and everywhere. Our commitment to this goal will be our best contribution to the well-being of family life now and in the future.”
— January 2004

“In my judgment, his greatest gift to each and every one of us was his personal holiness and the call which he extended to us again and again to be holy, too.”
— On the death of Pope John Paul, April 2005

“If we make room for God, he will fill it and when we cannot, he will do his best to make room himself.”
— March 2006

“Those of us who have must come to recognize the needs of those who have not. It is our responsibility in justice and in charity to support efforts that will permanently break the cycle of poverty and build strong and healthy communities, the only solution to concerns about crime, terrorism and social injustice.”
— Nov. 2007

“Promoting respect for life and protecting human life from conception to natural death is not a ‘right wing cause.’  It is a matter of justice.”
— April 2008

“Nowadays, these societal attitudes and behaviors have crept into the church and the way we relate to one another as sisters and brothers in the family of God. We no longer simply disagree. We become mean-spirited quite quickly and go on the attack against those who see things differently.”
— December 2009

“The priests who serve you in our parishes across western Oregon typically attract headlines or prompt letters to the bishop only for their misdeeds, not for their faithful service.  They may be “little people” in the eyes of the world, but every time they touch the depths of any person’s heart, they become great in the eyes of God.”
— February 2010

“As a man of faith I am so grateful that I was raised in a Catholic family where I was introduced to the loving God who made me, saved me and continues to walk with me on my journey of faith.”
— November 2011

“God is not off living somewhere in a distant castle in the universe.  He came and dwelled among us and chose to stay present among us through the church, namely, through you and through me.”
— February 2012

“One of the most treasured services that any priest experiences is meeting people at worship. It is through the Eucharist that all of us find healing, receive comfort, are given hope, are uplifted and united with the saints.”
— January 2013