Matt Cato
Matt Cato
The Archdiocese of Portland’s Office of Life, Justice and Peace has been urging Catholics to contact federal lawmakers on certain issues during the summer legislative recess, which ends Sept. 7.

An email sent out earlier this summer by office director Matt Cato asked recipients to seek humane action on the unaccompanied migrant child crisis. The office also asked Catholics to push for an increase in the Federal Minimum Wage. On local matters, the office is seeking support for a voter referendum that allows Oregon Drivers’ Cards for undocumented immigrants.

The Catholic Church is advocating on behalf of increased protections for migrant children and their families who are arriving in the United States.

“The poor and the vulnerable hold a special place both in Scripture and in the Catholic moral tradition,” the email said. “Throughout his mission Jesus held children in particular in high regard. We have a special obligation to ensure that children are given the protection and support due to them.”

Regarding the driver’s card debate, the office said: “The Catholic Church holds the values of welcoming the stranger, supporting families, and respecting the innate dignity and rights of all people very highly.”