The UP Catholic photo by John Fee
Archbishop Sample blesses parishioners in Nadeau.
The UP Catholic photo by John Fee
Archbishop Sample blesses parishioners in Nadeau.
My full name is:  Alexander King Sample III

I was born in: Kalispell, MT

My current home is: Marquette, Mich.

I've lived there for: 16 1/2 years

What I like most about where I'm living now is: The people and the natural beauty of being on Lake Superior

If I could, what I'd change about my present locale is: The weather when I have to travel.

The person I most admire is:  Of course, Jesus Christ. Still walking this earth, Pope Benedict XVI.

I subscribe to the following magazines: None. I read everything online now.

My favorite scripture passage is: "Of you my heart has spoken:  'Seek his face.'  It is your face, O Lord that I seek."   (Psalm 27)

The best day of my life, besides the family biggies like ordinations, marriages and births was:  The day I was baptized.

The worst day of my life was: The day my father died.

My favorite foods are: Anything Italian, especially pasta.

My favorite flavor of ice cream is: Mackinac Island fudge (a local treat)

My favorite clothes to wear are: I don't give much thought to clothes. After all, I wear black.

My favorite childhood memory is: Fishing with my dad on Lake Powell, Ariz.

My favorite entertainment activities are:  Watching movies, reading a good suspense novel, listening to good music  

My favorite sports, for either watching or participating, are:  Football and baseball

The books I've read most recently are: Jesus of Nazareth (Vol. 3), Killing Kennedy (Bill O'Reilly), Odd Thomas (Dean Kuntz)

The top five movies on my list are: The Sound of Music, The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, A Man for All Seasons, It's a Wonderful Life

The best advice I ever received was: Never ask for an assignment or refuse an assignment in the Church

My dream job would be: I think I have it.

If I could change one thing about myself it would be: I would be better at time management and not procrastinate.

I try very hard to hide the fact that:  I am an introvert.

The one thing I'd still like to try is: Scuba diving

If I could have any three wishes granted, they would be: 1) My whole family and I would get to heaven, 2) More people would come to believe in Jesus Christ and become part of the Church, 3)  All offenses against human life and dignity would be eradicated from the face of the earth

The best decision I ever made was: To study for the priesthood

The worst decision I ever made was: Not to heed good advice

If I could write one sentence for my tombstone, it would say:  "He tried to be faithful to God."