SALEM — One young Catholic still believes wholeheartedly in the institution of marriage.

Sarah Kresse, 28, is youth and young adult coordinator at St. Joseph Parish here. She is unmarried.

"The more I learn about the beauty of our faith and dig deeper into Pope John Paul the II’s Theology of the Body, the more excited I get about the vocation of marriage and the deeper appreciation I have for those called to religious and single life," Kresse says.

She considers the youth minister she had in high school a role model for married life. He and his wife had eight children and "truly strive to be a sign of the Church and what is to come."

As far as poor role models, Kresse says they are shockingly common on television.  
Kresse feels that she wants to be called to marriage, but is open to whatever God calls her. If she were to be married, she thinks it would be best if she married a Catholic.  

"It is important for me to be able to live out my faith – including celebrating the sacraments and raising my children in the faith," she says. "It would definitely be a challenge if my spouse was not Catholic."