EUGENE — Marist High School’s student pro-life club, Marist for Life, has launched an ad campaign. Three Eugene city buses will carry a “Respect Life” sign around the county. The student group holds regular vigils outside Planned Parenthood and offers education sessions on campus. 

The principles of human rights and the discoveries of science have brought more and more young people into the pro-life movement.

"It's definitely a younger generation of pro-life leaders," Tate Rupp, a junior and president of Marist for Life, told the Sentinel last year. "In addition to faith, science now shows that life begins at conception. That's very convincing. It's life when the cells start to divide. We just need to ask, 'If you can kill a child in the womb, why not a 2-year-old?' It's a matter of life, religion or not."

Rupp, a member of St. Alice Parish in Springfield, says the club is not meant to be political or even confrontational. The main ministries are prayer and educating the wider public on the pro-life issue. That's the point of the bus ads. 

The club began when a newly-elected President Obama allowed federal funds to keep flowing to non-governmental organizations that, along with services to needy people overseas, provide abortions.