Charles Lehman's St. Maximilian Kolbe. 

Charles Lehman's St. Maximilian Kolbe. 

Illustrated calligraphy on sacred subject matter will be on exhibit 9 a.m.-2 p.m. Sunday, April 27, at St. Michael the Archangel Church, 1701 SW Fourth Ave. in Portland. Writer and illustrator of the collection, called Witnesses for Jesus, is Charles Lehman, who studied philosophy at Mount Angel Seminary, graduating in 1959 before going to Reed College in Portland to earn a master of arts in teaching degree with emphasis in calligraphy. Lehman’s studies in calligraphy were guided by Lloyd Reynolds at Reed and Arnold Bank in New York. 

The exhibit portrays events in Jesus’ ministry, the Stations of the Cross, Mary Magdalen and stories of early and modern martyrs. 

Since the beginning of his formal studies of calligraphy and book arts, Lehman's work has been devoted in large part to poetry, and spiritual writings of Christian authors.

"I believe the work is prayer," he says. "Craftwork requires not only proficiency with the tools, techniques and traditional designs of the work, it requires study of the work of others before me, an understanding of how to learn, and the time to teach as a means of ultimately mastering the work."

Lehman produces his calligraphy in the traditional way, with a broad-edged nib. He has won honors for decades, including a certificate of merit for teaching calligraphy to convicts in Multnomah County jails. 

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