In 1973 Mount Angel Seminary, a diverse educational institution, opened its doors to women students, both lay and religious, who were pursuing advanced degrees in Sacred Scripture and Theology.

Elizabeth Nagel, one of the first women to attend the seminary in 1973, worked full time as a physical therapist while obtaining an advanced degree. In 1978 Elizabeth graduated with an M.A. in Sacred Scripture and is currently a professor of Biblical Studies teaching scripture at St. Mary of the Lake University in Chicago.

The number of women attending Mount Angel Seminary has increased over the years. Since 2004, one half of all lay students pursuing advanced degrees at Mount Angel Seminary have been women.

Here is a partial list of accomplished alumnae:

 1978    Sr. Judith Bloxham, OSB                M.A. (Theology)

            Associate Director of Human Formation at Mount Angel Seminary

 1979    Dr. Elaine Classen Park                  M.A. (Sacred Scripture)

            Academic Vice-President/Academic Dean, Professor of Sacred Scripture at Mount Angel     Seminary

1979    Sr. Joyce Barsotti, SSMO.               M.A. (Theology)

1988    Linda Wiegel                                                M.A. (Theology)

            Director of the Tribunal at the Archdiocese of Portland

1997    Nancy Holt                                        M.A. (Theology)

Supervisor for M.A. and M.Div. Standards at Mount Angel Seminary

1999    Sr. Teresa Gould, FH                       M.A. (Theology)

            Former Director for Liturgy and Music at Mount Angel Seminary

2000    Ursula Tabor                                                M.A. (Theology)

            Adjunct and Associate Professor at Mount Angel Seminary

2004    Sr. Gertrude Feick, OSB      M.A. (Theology)

Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Theology, working on a doctoral degree from Rome  

2005    Linda Showman                               M.A. (Theology)

            Associate Director of Pastoral Formation and Assistant Professor at Mount Angel    Seminary

2007    Elizabeth Farley                               M.A. (Sacred Scripture)         

S.T.L. The Marianum, Rome 2011, Adjunct in Theology, completed the first part of her doctorate at the University of Dayton, OH

2010    Lorraine Gardner                             M.A. (Sacred Scripture)

Working on her CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education)    certification to provide pastoral services in hospitals

2010    Sr. Hilda Kleiman, OSB                  M.A. (Theology)

            Assistant Professor of English Communications at Mount Angel Seminary

2011    Margaret Toole                                 M.A. (Theology w/ Honors)


It is important to me as President Rector that our seminarians learn the important role that women play in the church," says Father Richard Paperini, president rector of the seminary.

"We want to train our seminarians to be good, strong leaders but simultaneously we want them to learn to be collaborative leaders as well. By this I mean forgoing their own personal wants and desires for the good of the women and men they are sent to serve and recognizing that many of those women and men will work alongside the priests in ministry.”