Blessed Mother Teresa
Blessed Mother Teresa
In commemoration of the late Mother Teresa’s centennial birthday, electrical engineering professor Aziz Inan of the University of Portland prepared the following quiz about the founder of the Missionaries of Charity.


1. In what year was Mother Teresa born?

(a) 1901 (b) 1910 (c) 1905 (d) 1915 (e) 1919


2. Where was Mother Teresa born?

(a) Calcutta, India

(b) London, England

(c) Tirana, Albania

(d) Üsküb, (now Skopje), Macedonia

(e) Zagreb, Croatia


3. What was Mother Teresa’s birth name?

(a) Nana Loke

(b) Dranafile Bernai Bojaxhiu

(c) Agnes Gonxha Bojaxhiu

(d) Aga Bojaxhiu

(e) Betika Kajnc


4. How many siblings did Mother Teresa have?

(a) 1 (b) 2 (c) 3 (d) 4 (e) 5


5. How old was Mother Teresa when her father died?

(a) 2 (b) 5 (c) 8 (d) 12 (e) 15


6. At what age did Mother Teresa see her mother for the last time?

(a) 28 (b) 18 (c) 8 (d) 23 (e) 13


7. At what age did Mother Teresa decide to join the Loreto Sisters as a nun?

(a) 13 (b) 23 (c) 8 (d) 18 (e) 28


8. Where did Mother Teresa receive her first English training before being sent to India?

(a) London, England

(b) Paris, France

(c) Rathfarnham, Ireland

(d) Rome, Italy

(e) Venice, Italy


9. At what age did Mother Teresa arrive in India?

(a) 13 (b) 23 (c) 8 (d) 18 (e) 28


10. In what Indian city did Mother Teresa receive her novitiate training for over two years?

(a) Bombay

(b) Calcutta

(c) Darjeeling    

(d) Mumbai

(e) New Delhi  


11. What inspired Mother Teresa to choose her name Teresa?

 (a) Late nineteenth century French nun Thérèse Martin who died of tuberculosis at age 24

(b) Irish nun Frances Ball (now known as Mother Teresa) who introduced the Loreto Sisters order into Ireland in 1821

(c) Sixteenth century Spanish nun Saint Teresa of Avila who was later named a Doctor of the Church

(d) Empress Maria Theresa who ruled Austria, Hungary and Bohemia from 1740 to 1780

(e) Maria Theresa of Spain who became the Queen of France in the seventeenth century


12. Which of the following nicknames/titles refer to Mother Teresa?

 (a) Bengali Teresa

 (b) Mother Teresa of Calcutta

(c) The Saint of the Gutters

(d) Blessed Teresa of Calcutta

 (e) All of the above


13. In which suburb of Calcutta did Mother Teresa teach for 17 years at St. Mary’s School, a part of Loreto Convent?

(a) Dharmatala

(b) Entally

(c) Gobra

(d) Lebutala

(e) Sealdah


14. What subject did Mother Teresa mainly teach at St. Mary’s School?

(a) Geography

(b) History

(c) Mathematics

(d) Science

(e) Both (a) and (b)


15. What is Mother Teresa’s Inspiration Day?

(a) The day she decided to join Loreto Sisters

 (b) The day she arrived in Calcutta

(c) The day she opened an orphanage called Shishu Bhavan

(d) The day she opened Nirmal Hriday, a home for dying

(e) The day she experienced a calling on a train to serve among the poor


16. What date is Mother Teresa’s Inspiration Day?

(a) January 6, 1929

(b) May 24, 1937

(c) September 10, 1946           

(d) October 7, 1950

(e) September 23, 1955


17. In what year did Mother Teresa become an Indian citizen?

(a) 1937 (b) 1949 (c) 1963 (d) 1973 (e) 1984


18. How many languages did Mother Teresa speak?

 (a) 5 (b) 3 (c) 2 (d) 4 (e) 7


19. Why did Mother Teresa travel to Patna, India in 1948?

(a) To learn the Bengali language

(b) To learn the Hindi language

(c) To meet her spiritual advisor and companion

(d) To receive her medical training in the Holy Family Hospital

(e) To rest and meditate


20. In which year did Mother Teresa found the Missionaries of Charity to help the sick and poor?

(a) 1960 (b) 1955 (c) 1950 (d) 1945 (e) 1940


21. Which of the following are the vows of the Missionaries of Charity?

(a) Poverty                      

(b) Chastity                     

(c) Obedience

(d) Wholehearted and free service to the poorest of the poor

(e) All of the above


22. Which of the following is a distinctive garment of Mother Teresa’s Missionaries of Charity?

(a) White sari with three blue stripes

(b) Blue sari with three white stripes

(c) Black sari with three white stripes

(d) White sari with three black stripes

(e) Blue sari with three black stripes


23. The first home of the Missionaries of Charity was at which address in Calcutta?

(a) 45A Lower Circular Road

(b) 54A Lower Circular Road

(c) 37A Upper Circular Road

(d) 54A Upper Circular Road

(e) 73A Lower Circular Road


24. In 1965, Mother Teresa opened a facility called Shantinagar (meaning the Place of Peace) in Asansol village for people suffering from what disease?

(a) Cholera

(b) Dysentery   

(c) Leprosy

(d) Malaria                      

(e) Tuberculosis


25. At what age did Mother Teresa travel outside India for the first time?

(a) 60 (b) 70 (c) 40 (d) 50 (e) 30


26. In which country outside India did the Missionaries of Charity open their first home in 1965?

(a) Venezuela                 

(b) Singapore                

(c) Pakistan

(d) Indonesia                 

(e) Bangladesh


27. In what year was Mother Teresa awarded the Nobel Peace Prize?

(a) 1965 (b) 1979 (c) 1971 (d) 1985 (e) 1997


28. In what year, while in Rome, did Mother Teresa have her first heart attack?

(a) 1961 (b) 1976 (c) 1967 (d) 1983 (e) 1989


29. How old was Mother Teresa when doctors implanted a pacemaker in her heart?

(a) 59 (b) 67 (c) 79 (d) 85 (e) 51


30. In what year was Mother Teresa granted honorary American citizenship?

(a) 1996 (b) 1986 (c) 1973 (d) 1966 (e) 1979


31. In which year did Mother Teresa establish a hospice for AIDS victims in New York City?

(a) 1975 (b) 1980 (c) 1985 (d) 1990 (e) 1995


32. In what year did Mother Teresa receive the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian award given by the United States?

(a) 1975 (b) 1985 (c) 1980 (d) 1995 (e) 1990


33. Which of the following health problems did Mother Teresa experience in the latter part of her life?

(a) Heart attack

(b) Malaria

(c) Blocked blood vessel

(d) Broken bones

(e) All of them


34. In what year did Mother Teresa die?

(a) 1971 (b) 1979 (c) 1988 (d) 1991 (e) 1997


35. Where did Mother Teresa die?

(a) Calcutta, India    

(b) London, England

(c) New Delhi, India    

(d) New York, USA    

(e) Rome, Italy


36. At what age did Mother Teresa die?

(a) 67 (b) 72 (c) 76 (d) 82 (e) 87


37. What is believed to be the cause of Mother Teresa’s death?

(a) Cholera         

(b) Heart failure         

(c) Lead poisoning

(d) Pneumonia         

(e) Tuberculosis


38. Where is Mother Teresa buried?

(a) Calcutta, India    

(b) London, England     

(c) Tirana, Albania

(d) Skopje, Macedonia    

(e) Zagreb, Croatia


39. When Mother Teresa died, the Missionaries of Charity were serving in over how many different countries?

(a) 30 (b) 50 (c) 80 (d) 100 (e) 120


40. In what year did Pope John Paul II beatify Mother Teresa?

(a) 1971        

(b) 1987        

(c) 1979        

(d) 2003        

(e) 1997


Answer Key:1.b, 2.d, 3.c, 4.b, 5.c, 6.b, 7.d, 8.c, 9.d, 10.c, 11.a, 12.e, 13.b, 14.e, 15.e, 16.c, 17.b, 18.a, 19.d, 20.c, 21.e, 22.a, 23.b, 24.c, 25.d, 26.a, 27.b, 28.d, 29.c, 30.a, 31.c, 32.b, 33.e, 34.e, 35.a, 36.e 37.b, 38.a, 39.e, 40.d