St. Luke Productions
The drama Faustina is in the Northwest for a tour.
St. Luke Productions
The drama Faustina is in the Northwest for a tour.
She was living in New York on Sept. 11, 2001, pursuing a career in musical theater. After experiencing the horror of the terrorist attack, she decided to head west to follow her dreams. And so Maria Vargo ended up in Hollywood, playing roles in theater, television and films. Then she had a deep spiritual conversion.

He was a New Yorker, an artist, a musician and an actor, who also headed to Los Angeles to make a career in film. There he's had roles as a cop, lawyer, an assassin, and even an alien. And through it all, Jonathan Roumie stayed connected to his Catholic faith.

Both Vargo and Roumie have taken a detour from the press for fame and are starring in Vancouver, Wash.-based Saint Luke Productions' latest stage drama, "Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy."

The actors say the production has an urgent message for troubled times and is giving some people hope.

"Faustina" has already been seen by ten thousand people. The play tells the story of St. Faustina Kowalska (1905-1938), a Polish mystic whose personal encounters with Jesus prompted a spirituality of Divine Mercy.

There is also a parallel present-day story of a modern woman and a dying man who face the issues that no one can escape — sin and suffering.

"Every night I perform I have the opportunity to experience God's mercy through the characters I portray. Each time it feels as though Jesus is speaking right to my heart," says Vargo, who plays both Faustina and the modern woman.

Roumie considers it a personal and professional milestone to play the role of Jesus Christ: "I've dreamed of doing so since first seeing the NBC mini-series, Jesus of Nazareth, as a child. I am at once humbled and honored and as a result of this experience to be a part of the 'Faustina' production and it has drawn me deeper into my faith."

Leonardo Defilippis, actor, director and producer in live and film productions on the scriptures and the saints, is the producer of "Faustina."

"I am amazed at what God has done, by bringing us these talented faith-filled professionals to play these crucial roles," he says. "It has been a journey of trust to produce this drama, and by God's grace, we've achieved something really entertaining and personally convicting."

"Faustina: Messenger of Divine Mercy" is currently on a U.S. tour, with upcoming performances in the Northwest. The play is suitable for those ages 12 and older.

The drama's trailer can be viewed at For information and to learn more about hosting a performance on the nationwide tour, call (360) 687-8029.