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  • The conference, which includes the state’s Catholic bishops, says House Bill 3391 “forces insurance companies to cover abortion on demand and it forces all Oregon taxpayers to help finance an extremist abortion agenda that does not enjoy majority support.”

  • Traffic engineers at the Oregon Department of Transportation, a few end-of-the-world groups and possibly ophthalmologists around the state are talking about the total eclipse of the sun on Monday morning, Aug. 21, in apocalyptic terms. Catholics need not join in. READ MORE>>
WATCH: Archdiocese announces grants that tackle poverty at roots
The Catholic Church's anti-poverty arm, Catholic Campaign for Human Development, funds programs that get at the roots of unfair social systems. See scenes from a grants banquet in Portland, Oregon.
WATCH: Portland Pickles reach out to churches and there is a Catholic flavor at the ballpark
At a humble Portland ballpark, there are Catholics all over. The Portland Pickles have a wonderfully whacky name, but deep ideas come into play.
WATCH: A century of faith and fun
St. Anthony Parish in Southeast Portland has adapted over the century to better serve the people, and joy has always been part of the plan
WATCH: Pentecost by smart phone
One in a string of efforts at unity, parish uses an app so all can pray in their language
WATCH: Here's to you, Fr. Robinson
After 101 semesters at Jesuit High, and showing up for almost everything, the history teacher leaves his post
  • A closer look at pastoral priorities

    With this column I begin a closer look at the six pastoral priorities for the Archdiocese of Portland that flow from our pastoral assembly held last fall. As you will recall, the pastoral assembly gathered the priests and pastoral council representatives from the parishes of the archdiocese in order to discuss and settle upon these priorities for the next three years. The Archdiocesan Pastoral Council has discussed the input received at the assembly and has fine-tuned these priorities at our last two meetings.

    The first pastoral priority is catechesis and faith formation. As with all of the pastoral priorities, five specific initiatives have been identified based on the input received at the pastoral assembly.

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